There are many variations of jive dancing, Ballroom, professional Jive, Ceroc (also known as Modern Jive), Laroc etc being taught at present time. At JIVE CLASS we do not teach any of those styles, we only teach authentic 1940’s (Swing Jive) and 1950’s (Rock’n’Roll) style of jive.

The dance moves from both these era’s are very similar in style, so we have taken the best from each to formulate our Jive courses. Therefore, if you go to either a 1940’s event or a 1950’s event you will be able to dance and enjoy the music being played.

Our BEGINNERS level course is just that – for absolute beginners, people who have never danced a jive step in their lives. At first glance 1940’s/50’s Jive may look a complicated dance to learn, far from it – there are only 3 basic footsteps to learn!

During each 8 week course we start with the very basics then add a new move each week, whilst reviewing what we did in previous weeks, so our easy step by step instruction will soon have you dancing.

The INTERMEDIATES level course is aimed at people who can already jive but who are looking to add some new moves to expand their repertoire. At present JIVE CLASS have over 50 intermediate moves – many original ones we have developed ourselves – to each you!

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